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Assassin’s Creed to Become an Animated Series From Producer Adi Shankar

Filmmaker Adi Shankar’s soon-to-be-released Netflix series, Castlevania, is already looking like it might be a winner -- not a high bar to clear when it comes to video game adaptations, but still, noteworthy. The outspoken producer isn’t resting on

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Developer Confirms Cuphead Is a Lifetime Xbox & PC Exclusive

Leaves the door open for future games in the Cuphead universe to reach other platforms

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Summer Games Done Quick 2017 Is Live Now

Annual event raises money for Doctors Without Borders

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The Super NES Classic Edition Launches September 29 for $80 Then Promptly Disappears Later This Year

Nintendo announced details for its upcoming Super NES Classic Edition, the follow-up to the much-in-demand (but incredibly hard-to-find) NES Classic Edition. Like its predecessor, the SNES Classic comes with a collection of games built in. While the

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Reaches 4 Million Units Sold

Pretty Good for a Game That Hasn’t Officially Been Released Bluehole Inc. just announced its breakout hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has reached a new milestone: 4 million units sold. That translates to over $100 million in revenue in just

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