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Digital Week - January 27th

Blu-rays of the Week Adua and Her Friends (Raro/Kino) Antonio Pietrangeli's 1960 neo-realist drama—which sympathetically follows a quartet of prostitutes who decide to open a restaurant when a new Rome law closes all of the city's bordellos -

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Digital Week - January 20th

Blu-rays of the Week Genesis—Sum of the Parts (Eagle Rock) For a band formed in the late '60s that went through numerous personnel changes—notably the loss of its dynamic lead singer and, as his replacement, the drummer who led the group to

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Digital Week - January 12th

Blu-rays of the Week Archer—Complete 5th Season (Fox) In the fifth season of this animated spy spoof, Archer and his cohorts are no longer at the ISIS agency, instead becoming drug dealers attempting to sell cocaine. With a top-notch voice

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Digital Week - January 6th

Blu-rays of the Week Elsa & Fred (Millennium) In a closely-fought battle between saccharine and star power, the former ekes out a victory against Oscar winning vets Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer, who play an elderly couple who try

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