Helios Games Brings The Island of Dolls To Life in New Horror Game 'Pavor'

Starting as a small team in Belgium and then blossoming into a 36+ collective of passionate developers, writers, and artists, Helios Games has worked to create a unique new survival horror experience; Pavor.

Inspired by the real life Isle De Las Munecas off the coast of Mexico City, players take on the role of five different characters across five different time periods, piecing together one large, paranormal mystery regarding origins of the doll covered island and the spirits that haunt it. Along the way, players will face off against a wide variety of creatively morbid monstrosities with varying behavior, and make narrative choices that not just alter the story, but directly impact the gameplay itself, and what future challenges that players may face.

You can learn more by visiting the official Pavor website (https://www.pavorgame.com) or checking out the group’s Discord page for direct updates from the developers. They often upload in-game screenshots and occasionally bits of lore. Pavor will be scheduled for a PC release, with a Kickstarter for the project being planned in the near future.