Try to Solve the Mystery of Dollhouse

The Noir world is calling to test your skills on being the greatest detective in Dollhouse. Thanks to SOEDESCO and Creazn Studio working for five years to bring this physiological horror. The game is being released on May 24 this year on PlayStation4 and Steam. A hard copy will also be available to people like to have the actual disk for PlayStation4. Hope mannequins and little girls don’t creep you out for the glimpse that the developers have given us, you might run into what you fear the most.

Don’t think that you will be able to solve this mystery so easily, as the levels are randomly generated keeping up the challenge of solving Marie’s past. Marie was “The Greatest Detective in the World”, but now she is suffering from amnesia. The only way to find her past is to go through the Dollhouse. Find the clues to help her find her past before her unseen pursuer finds Marie. What you find the pieces to help your story come together. The story won’t be told to you from start to end, where you start could be the middle as the story is non-linear.

Bright side to the shadows that shift around your eyes is that you’re not fully alone. Though if they will be a friend or foe is up to you. There are 14 different multiplayer characters with their own unique abilities that could assist you on your search. Don’t worry, Marie has her own abilities that the player can use. She has an ability called “Focus”. It allows the player to see through the pursuer(s)’s eyes. Make sure to check when you can or else be attack when you least expect it. Don’t worry if you think you are going to get bored of the ability because there is customizable 40 unlockable abilities and passives to mix and match with your character. If you want to learn a bit more about the game check

Spread the fear as there is an online multiplayer where everyone is able to pursue their target. The target is to collect the most Memories out of all the players that they are gaming with. Don’t fear that there are little Memories to go around, as there is more than one way to collect them. Find the target they are assigned to and kill them to get their Memories. Don’t go kill crazy because if the player kills the wrong target they will lose all of their Memories.

What to give assistances to the developers? Test out the beta for Dollhouse on April 13th and 14th. Dollhouse beta is testing the Single player story and Online Multiplayer abilities. Make sure to give some proper critic feedback. If interested in being a beta tester for the game sign up here