Blitz: Cop Drama Tease


The best word to describe this failed cop drama would be “tease.” The movie opens up on Sergeant Tom Brant (Statham) beating a handful of carjackers to a pulp using a hurling stick. The scene is a brilliant hook, instantly giving Brant the image of a wisecracking cop who gives the middle finger to standard police practice. The pieces of the main story fall into place as police officers are being murdered by the elusive serial killer Barry Weiss (Gillen), infamously known by his alias, “The Blitz.” The hotheaded Brant teams up with fellow Detective Porter Nash, who is constantly harassed by members of the force for being openly homosexual. With the oddball pairing and a killer on the loose, Blitz had potential for being a British version of Lethal Weapon.

After the brief fifteen minutes of setup, the rest of the film is bogged down with exposition. So much dialog was wasted on events that happened in the past, which would’ve been interesting to experience onscreen. Every single character comes off as flat. The ferocity that Statham brought to the opening minutes of the film is never seen again. It’s as if he forgot that his character is supposed to be a maniac and stopped caring altogether. Throughout the remainder of the movie, no light is shed on why these characters are unique. Everybody can be summed up in one sentence. A police officer with a temper. A gay man who has to prove himself. A serial killer with a bone to pick. Stereotypes galore! Unfortunately, even their stereotypes are a stretch, considering the exhausting amount of hollowed dialogue told with so little emotion, it was as if the characters were reading off a teleprompter. The characters rarely even display the stereotypes that the other characters brand them as.

The plot also doesn’t know whose story line to follow, and eventually the entire flow of the story gets lost. The most exceeding of these nuisances is in the character of Elizabeth Falls (Zawe Ashton). In random intervals, the story shifts to her personal struggle as a police officer who is a hypocrite for being a junkie. However, her story has no relevance to the plot whatsoever, nor does it have any impact on why we are supposed to care about her character. She never did a single thing in the film that was relatable or likable, so why care? In fact, she seemed rather cold upon kicking a troubled kid out of her life. Who would possibly sympathize with a character like that? I was rooting for The Blitz to step out of the shadows and stab her in the face.

Films starring Jason Statham aren’t expected to be an Oscar-winning masterpiece, but for the most part his films are dumb fun. Usually Statham films have a tremendous amount of violence. Blitz forgot the part about being fun after the opening scene. This is a movie begging for a little more insanity. A bad movie with over the top action is better than a bad movie that is boring. Director Elliott Lester chose the wrong genre upon attempting a serious thriller, when it would have been far more entertaining as a popcorn flick. Blitz would require an entire redraft to truly chew into the complexities that make for great cop drama. For only being 94 minutes, this is a film that drags and will waste your time. Don’t be fooled by that incredible opening scene. It’s only false advertising.