Holiday Gift Guide: videos for the couch-potato

A few Gift Ideas…Finding something for Mom, Dad or any member of your family.

Family Guy: It’s a Trap

It is the final chapter of Seth MacFarlane’s hilarious rendition of Star Wars. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia must travel to different worlds in order to destroy the galaxy’s most dreaded villain.

New Adventures of Old Christine: Season One

We love her as Elaine on the classic sitcom Seinfeld but now audiences can fall in love with Julia Louis-Dreyfus all over again. Portraying divorcee Christine in the CBS hit show New Adventures of Old Christine, Louis-Dreyfus gives everyone plenty of laughs. Although the series has ended, this collection presents all 13 episodes of the shows debut season.

Archer: Season 1 Box Set

With that 1960’s spy drama feel, this FX animated series introduces charming yet somewhat dimwitted master spy, Sterling Archer, to audiences. With a team consisting of his super sexy and crafty ex-lover, a domineering mother and boss, and a slue of other unforgettable characters, this series was an instant hit. The box set recaptures the adventures of first season and gets everyone ready for the next series of episodes beginning in 2011.

Glee: Season one Gift Set

Attention all Gleeks! This gift set will be the perfect gift for all you Glee fans. With 22 episodes from the first season and a number of extended episodes, this gift set has everything you need for your Glee fix. The set includes karaoke, behind-the-scenes look at some of the most memorable episodes and tons of never-before-seen footage. Also available on Blu-Ray.

Futurama: Volume 5

Futurama is back and better than ever. Although Comedy Central has taken over and has given fans all of the Planet Express one can handle, this 5th Season box set has so many extras one won’t know what to do.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Sunny Christmas Gift Set

Join the Paddy’s gang for this Christmas special and don’t forget the egg nog. This hilarious comedy box set comes packed full of hilarious behind-the-scenes footage and useful Paddy’s Pub gifts for fans.

Tudors: Season 4 Final season

This critically acclaimed HBO series wrapped with high reviews and all of the intensity of the final season is here for fans. The series, which is loosely based on the English kind Henry VIII, ended with season 4 focusing on the King’s ill-fated marriage and attempt to invade France. This visually stunning series is now brought to audiences through this final season set.

24 :Season 8

And so it concludes. Taking place on the eighth day, the final season of one of the most popular television series takes place. Audiences will love to take home all of the excitement and adventure which made the show a hit in this final season box set.

Ugly Americans:Volume 1

Not that different from New York City today, Ugly Americans follows all the freaks, beasts and devils as they live every horrifying day in the Big Apple. Comedy Centrals animated hit, Ugly Americans, is now here for anyone who may have missed the first season of this hilariously disturbing series.

Eastbound and Down: Complete First season

Don’t miss out on the HBO series that had everyone laughing. With tons of cameos by funny man Will Ferrell, this show follows the ending of a Big League pitcher. After returning home, this insufferable drunk spends every moment trying to recapture his fame and make his comeback.