The Blind Side Based on True Story

The Blind Side proves that a good story put to film can succeed. While the majority of films focus on aesthetically pleasing the audience (cough, cough… Avatar), The Blind Side tells a refreshingly clean and touching story.

Tennessee mom Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) decides on a whim to take in homeless high school student Michael Oher. As she tries to get him to open up about his past, she defies the Christian stereotype and makes Michael a part of her family. Helping a young man who comes from a harsh background and who has a GPA less than 1.0 comes with its problems, however. The Tuohys must find a way to help Michael improve his grades so he can play on the football team, and once he’s on the football team, must help him understand the concept of the “Blind Side” that requires him to use his protective skills.

Based on true events, the power of the film’s story was even enough to get Bullock to cut her fees in order to make hiring her affordable. Unfortunately, the film’s success at the box office and at awards shows has disagreed with many a critic’s stomach. Arguments have abounded over the film’s quality and its worthiness of awards. I’ll admit that the movie bored me at times and Bullock’s acting left a bit to be desired, but overall, the film won me over. While Bullock’s accent sounded awkward in the more ordinary moments of conversation, her passion and acting skills ignited whenever her character defended Michael or batted clever words with the football coach. While my attention waned at parts, the story kept my heart’s attention.

Besides my overall disagreement with the critics, my real surprise comes in how few critics have focused on the clear Christian background and theme of the film. It’s not Chronicles of Narnia or Passion of the Christ, but it certainly includes plenty of Christian references, which I’m glad to see. While it still includes stereotypes of rich racist Christians, Leigh Anne defies stereotypes of hypocritical, white Christians. Her compassion exemplifies the need for all people to reach out, care about, and help their fellow humans, no matter what race or background.

The Blind Side shows viewers, like its characters, the instincts needed to protect those around us, especially those we love.