I’ll Be There For You: Friends on Netflix

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Today in an important day in history. Today marks the moment when Friends, one of the biggest shows of all time, comes to Netflix. That’s right! All 10 seasons of Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and of course, Ross and Rachel, are now on the streaming service.

At its peak, Friends was watched by over 50 million people, that’s virtually unheard of today. Of course times were different back then, but it is still quite the accomplishment. The show has become a classic, and still ranks in money for Warner Bros.

Ross and Rachel were the original “will-they-won’t-they.” Monica and Chandler perfected the odd couple. And Joey and Phoebe, well they were just Joey and Phoebe, and we loved them for it. So, watch the Netflix clip above and sing along (don’t act like you don’t know where the claps come in). Then, clear you schedule for the weekend and let the binge watching begin.