Abhi the Nomad Streams Acoustic Marbled EP

Abhi kicked off 2019 with his track “FLUSH” which landed a spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday. Now Abhi is gifting us with an acoustic version of his highly-acclaimed Marbled EP.

It’s hard not to love every track, as Abhi strips it down and brings a new energy to each one. Standout track “Headcase” hooks you from the start. An acoustic guitar melody serves as the grounding background to Abhi’s quick-paced rapping. The subdued beat comes in as you hit the chorus, where Abhi breaks down his walls and sings, “Some where along the way I lost myself.” It’s real, raw and undeniably catchy.

Abhi explains, “I love the idea of re-imagining music in different lights – Yet, I don’t think remixes give way to more depth the same way unplugged or acoustic versions do. There’s a different energy captured in these tracks and I think it highlights the songwriting behind these jams that people love mostly for musical qualities, helps you pick up on the words and why they were said when they were. Raw and unfiltered.”