Allen Stone Gives Powerful Performance of “Brown Eyed Lover” Single

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A soulful tenor that effortlessly glides into falsetto and romantic lyricism powerful enough to melt the coldest heart – that’s the Allen Stone recipe. But it wasn’t always guaranteed. Stone, now in his early thirties, spent the last decade figuring out how to square a music career with fulfilling romantic and family relationships.

All those priorities are important; And the title of the Pacific Northwesterner’s most recent full-length, “Building Balance,” indicates that he’s come close to cracking the code. Don’t let the chic lumberjack aesthetic fool: You’ll hear some Stevie Wonder in his voice, a dash of early 70s Motown warmth in the record’s production. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and two fantastic background vocalists, Stone glided through twinkling renditions of “Brown Eyed Lover” and “Give You Blue.”

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