Baby Boys – “Desperado” Music Video


Baby Boys—the trio of producers and multi-instrumentalists Caleb Hinz, Jake Luppen, and Nathan Stocker—today released their new single “Desperado” from their forthcoming debut album, Threesome, out on March 12th via Grand Jury Music.

“This one’s from an old session of Nathan’s that he intended to finish for a different project,” say Baby Boys of the standout track’s inverted, math-y guitar loop that twists and unfurls into glitchy pop bliss. “It’s about having a crush on a friend’s grandmother amidst the luxury of Santa Barbara, California, and trying to charm her by playing The Eagles’ ‘Desperado’ on her living room piano. It tackles the bizarre lengths we go to in order to win a stranger’s favor, despite the possibility of damaging a friendship in the process.”

The Saint Paul, MN-based trio today also announced a virtual album release show Live at the The Mall of America, a full-length set shot on multiple cameras showcasing Threesome’s cutting edge sonics and Baby Boys’ playful, ‘Don’t let ‘em take your fun’ attitude. The stream, free with RSVP HERE, will go live on March 25th, 2021 at 7pm ET/6pm CT.


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