Black Noi$e Announces New Project Along With Releasing Visuals for New Track

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Detroit producer Black Noi$e announced that his forthcoming project, Oblivion, is set to arrive August 14th and will be the debut release on Earl Sweatshirt’s Tan Cressida imprint on Warner Records. The project will include his brand new track for “Mutha Magick” featuring BbyMutha, which he shared with an accompanying visual today, and the previously-released lead single and video, “The Band,” featuring Dallas-bred, LA-based artist Liv.e. Created by Aaron Hymes, the animated “Mutha Magick” visual follows a group of friends as they enter a haunted mansion, aptly-named Oblivion. The video features cartoon cameos from Earl, Liv.e, and MIKE – who were on the bill of last year’s Fire It Up Tour. After one of them falls through a psychedelic vacuum, he’s taken through a slide between worlds with splices of a burning America coursing by. Earl Sweatshirt shares the below statement on Black’s signing to Tan Cressida:

We at Tan Cressida are beyond excited to announce our first non-sweatshirt release ever!!! Black noi$e presents the aptly titled oblivion to a restless people. For those who don’t know black noi$e the person: think grim from billy and mandy with a mean nollie flip and an affinity for life in all its forms. These polarities are reflected in black noi$e the music. Shadows and sunlight. Detroit electric soul and 8bit ghosts and waterfalls. Black noi$e connects the dots and we are thankful for the opportunity to experience this life and his music.
Love, Management

Black Noi$e is a producer/DJ who recently joined the Tan Cressida imprint on Warner Records, a crew of up-and-coming rappers and producers led by Earl Sweatshirt. Inspired by Detroit techno and J Dilla-style hip-hop, Black Noi$e’s productions embrace experimentation and spontaneity to bring old soul to the new school. He has produced for pioneering artists such as Danny Brown, BbyMutha, Wiki, World’s Fair collective, ZelooperZ, Navy Blue, and more, and is Earl Sweatshirt’s touring DJ, in addition to having produced for him. As his catalogue grows, Black Noi$e continues to make a name for himself as a unique and sound-binding artist.