Cold War Kids Share Two New Videos with Vevo

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As they grew from quirky mid-2000s blog darlings into a rock band with a polished yet passionate sound, Cold War Kids’ music spanned influences as diverse as Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, Nick Cave, and U2. The group’s shifting lineup reflected their evolving sound over the years, from the stomping blues-punk of 2006’s debut Robbers & Cowards to the slick alt-rock of 2011’s Mine Is Yours. Cold War Kids grew more anthemic, and more popular, as time went on: 2017’s L.A. Divine, which celebrated the mythos of their adopted hometown as well as the power of sweeping rock, made the Top 10 of Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart.

Cold War Kids signed to Downtown Records in 2006. That year, the label released the band’s acclaimed debut, Robbers & Cowards, which featured production by Kevin Augunas. After several albums and time on the road, in 2017 the band moved to Capitol for their sixth studio album, L.A. Divine. Inspired by their adopted hometown of Los Angeles, the album peaked at number ten on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart. A live album, Audience: Live September 24, 2017, Athens, GA arrived the following year. This Will All Blow Over in Time, a collection of the band’s Downtown Records output, appeared in 2018. The following year, Cold War Kids kicked off a trilogy of mini-albums with that October’s New Age Norms, Vol. 1, which folded hints of pop, funk, and disco, as well as more topical songwriting, into their sound.