Copenhagen Electronic Pop Scientist Rangleklods Releases EP ‘All About U’ And New Single

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Re-charged, back from a five year journey around the World as part of Danish internationally acclaimed duo, Blondage, one-man-electronic-army Esben Nørskov Andersen returns to his origin as Rangleklods.

“I’m once again following my musical instincts 100% and I feel more inspired than ever,” Esben explains on going back to be a solo artist. He continues: “Alone in the studio, surrounded by my machines and instruments looking up on a wall of post-it notes, I found myself while searching for new musical possibilities between light and darkness – order and chaos.”

Today, Rangleklods is finally back with ‘All About U’ – a five track EP that fuses Esben Nørskov Andersens love for pop and immediacy with deep club grooves and brooding atmospherics. The sound of Rangleklods is wide ranging – and never boring.

Throughout the Ep you’ll hear Andersen’s synth-pop verses that are interspersed with industrial breaks, occasionally dipping a toe into the domains of dance floor bliss all the while, experimenting with the boundary between familiar and far-flung.

Opening track and new single ‘Like That’, is a euphoric rave of melancholy while ‘Never Lie’ – the lead single – takes the listener on a nostalgic trip back to fun, reckless summer nights out and about. The diversity of Rangleklods is imminent as ‘All Night’ splits the EP in two with a glitch/metallic sci-fi sound and a warbled saxophone that presents the chaotic half of the EP.

‘All About U’ was born from a one and a half hour long experimental jam on a Eurorack modular synth, becoming the hypnotic 7 minute long title-track. The lyric is about a couple on the run from the World and themselves. And as the mantra – “It’s all about U” – repeats, you have to wonder if their fascination of each other is about admiration or aversion.

The EP ends gracefully in a dreamy realm with ‘Snow’, Esben Nørskov Andersen’s own personal escape: “The noise of unnecessary information around me often overwhelms and blocks what is actually most important. ‘Snow’ is a pursuit of absolute focus.”

Moving on from a melancholic atmospheric sound on the 2012 debut album, ’Beekeeper’, to a more direct rave and industrial inspired second album with ’Straitjacket’ from 2015, Rangleklods soon proved to be one of the most innovative acts on a new aspiring electronic music scene in Denmark.

Following his self-directed video for his last single, “Never Lie”, Esben is working on his upcoming video for “LIke That” to be released on July 10.