D Smoke Delivers a Double-Feature with New Single and Video for “No Commas”

Focused and fearless, D Smoke unleashes “No Commas,” the second track from his forthcoming album. Tapping into his linguistic arsenal on the J.LBS’ produced track, Smoke delivers a message that unpacks the value of reclaiming a stolen legacy. Interlacing his bars in English and Spanish — oftentimes in the same line — Smoke continues to breathe life into the stories that unite Black and Brown communities as one.

No Commas’ is a song about determination – committing to something and seeing it through despite obstacles.

The video for “No Commas” opens with D Smoke receiving a panicked call, before he and his team of female counterparts prepare for the execution of a heist. A familiar narrative, the Director, Jeanine Daniels, paints portraits of each individual, and the personification of danger and sophistication. The video embraces the strategic nature of women as well as the feminine liberation that empowers them. As the story comes full circle and the mission is accomplished, the viewer ultimately finds that the ends justify the means.