Fade On Returns With “Ice Cream”

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Rule defying, genre bending, and boundary-less are a few of the defining characteristics of the brilliant Fade On. The Brooklyn-based Fade On continues to carve out a niche in his self-proclaimed haunt-pop genre with his new single “Ice Cream.”

Fade On (aka Sam Schall) brings the sounds of the 80’s to life in this new single, with a nod to Hall & Oates vocal stylings, wavy synths, and a dark undertone running throughout the track. Fade On tackles the notions of modern romance with “Ice Cream,” which features evocative chords and melody lines against a head banger beat.

Schall reveals the meaning behind “Ice Cream” and says it’s “an exploration of modern relationships. It’s how I see a lot of relationships right now, including my own. Most frequently meeting people online. A lot of times we’re just satisfying lust. Which is a lot of fantasy and make believe. The lack of real human interaction alienates you. And most of what we create in these relationships is all in our head.”

The track comes equipped with a head-spinning, on-the-nose video, assistant directed by Liz Nistico of HOLYCHILD.