Genre Defying Zero Releases “Leave The Light On” Single

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The 21-year-old Philly native brings his angsty, power-fueled spirit to a roaring peak in his new single “Leave The Light On,” (co-written by grandson) from his upcoming EP. The track has already won the attention of tastemakers earning itself a spot on this week’s New Music Friday and garnishing plays on soundcloud.

Defying genre lines and norms, Zero toes the line of alt-rock and hip-hop in “Leave the Light On.” What starts off as a lulling melody quickly evolves into a moving production. You’re suddenly hit with a thundering chorus – riddled with power, a hypnotizing melody, and a cry you can’t help but feel at the core of your being.

Zero explains, “Leave The Light On is about hope. It’s asking the people who love you most to have the strength to let you make mistakes, to stumble and fall, even though it’s going to hurt. It’s asking them to have faith that you will make it back a better person.”

Check out the single and stay tuned for more.