Highschool Jacob Brings Funk to Yacht-Rock in New Single “Stacey”

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Highschool Jacob, a master of layered, danceable bangers, returns to the forefront of funky, feel-good jams and shines with his 80’s inspired number “Stacey,” out today!

HighSchool Jacob is an alternative pop artist based out of Los Angeles. The project was started by former Wesleyan music student Jacob Masters back in 2017 with the intention to combine elements from modern pop and R&B. Inspired by art pop, indie rock and nu-disco, HSJ continuously delivers music that is both deeply personal and sonically riveting.

With his upcoming single release, Jacob will be unveiling “HSJ 2020,” a collection of music and corresponding video games (yes video games) highlighting his continued growth as an artist. The artwork for this new set of singles was the brainchild of HighSchool Jacob and Jack Herzog -who based the stye on vintage video game advertising. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine, HSJ realized that everyone could use some video games to play while life struggles to get back to normal. Each upcoming release will come equipped with a flash game available to play for free on the HighSchool Jacob website and give his audience a chance to further dive into the world and ideas wrapped into each song.

HSJ has seen notable praise over the past few years, garnering the attention of numerous tastemakers like Atwood Magazine, Earmilk, and mxdwn to hitting the #1 Spot on HypeMachines Popular Charts. Additionally, he’s seen features on coveted Spotify Playlist’s including “Fresh Finds” and more. Now the creative returns with his first single of 2020 and it’s bringing all the feel-good energy we need right now.