Human Love Release Second Single “Lemon Dove” Off Debut EP

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With its graceful collision of complex rhythms and beautifully strange textures, the new four-song EP from Human Love titled Black Void merges a sweeping, cinematic approach with a psychedelic, pulsating energy.

The band is made up of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Emile Mosseri, vocalist/bassist David Baldwin, synth/keyboard player Erick Eiser, and drummer Mark Demiglio. Mosseri is also making serious waves right now for his work as a composer for his original scores for ‘Last Black Man in San Francisco’ as well as upcoming releases ‘Homecoming’ (Janelle Monae) and Miranda July’s ‘Kajillionaire’. Monae recently said “I think the sign of a great score is when you wish you had done it and honestly I’m like, I wish that was my album, that’s how good that music is.”

Today the band have released their second single “Lemon Dove”.

Human Love on the new song:

“The process of making Lemon Dove was spontaneous. All of the ideas came out fluidly without music second guessing. It’s really exciting to work on music when spontaneity reigns over deliberation. The harmonies and music in the first section of the song were inspired and adapted from a Debussy Prelude and there’s a spirit to the music that connects with the name of the band as a lyric that we found really special. It’s about love. It’s about summer.” – Erick Eiser

Debut EP Black Void out July 17th.