Listen To Acclaimed Alt/Industrial Songwriter Matt Boroff’s Latest Single from Fourth Studio Album


Not many musicians continue to evolve and expand the boundaries of their craft after more than 20 years of recording and performing. But Matt Boroff has never been the type to settle into a comfortable groove and produce the same record over and over.

Boroff has always had an uncanny ability to conjure layered musical environments that feel cinematic in scope. Boroff exemplifies this on his latest single and “Future Crimes” from his forthcoming album Beautiful Machine, due out January 29, 2021.

Over a decades-spanning career during which he’s shared the stage with such respected acts as Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, BRMC, Calexico and Kyuss, just to name a few, this multi talented singer, songwriter and guitarist has continually pushed his music into new and exciting directions, from blistering post-punk to windswept, desert-tinged soundscapes, waves of ambient noise—and now, on his latest boundary-blurring solo release, pulsating, groove-laden electro-cinematic rock. But wherever his muse takes him, this restless veteran artist retains a knack for vivid lyricism, imaginative guitar work, hauntingly powerful vocals, and an uncompromising vision of music as a means of stirring the soul.

“This album is intended as a kind of snapshot of the moment we’re living in right now,” Boroff says. “It’s an emotional reaction to where we’ve landed as a culture, both here in Europe and in the U.S. Technology continues to blur the line between fact and fiction. Our everyday lives are moving into a state of hyperreality. We’re increasingly unable to tell the difference between reality and the world being reflected back at us through our technology.”

“I see my role in these songs as that of an emotional weatherman giving a forecast of the current climate,” he continues. “And I just had the feeling that clothing them in guitar-based textures wouldn’t have served to support the ideas they’re exploring. The subject matter directed me to move out of my comfort zone and take a different approach that I felt was more suited to what’s happening today.”


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