MBNel Drops New Single Off Personal “Child of the Trenches 2” EP

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Stockton, CA rapper MBNel releases his Child Of The Trenches 2 EP, available via Muddy Boyz/EMPIRE. In the 6-track second installment of his Trenches series, MBNel gives hope to his fans while delivering raw, honest lyrics about the struggles of growing up in his hometown. While he delves into his life with gangs, drugs, family, and newfound success, the new EP traces his rollercoaster journey from poverty to fame.

MBNel explains, “There are trenches all around the world no matter where you go. That reality means a lot of people are struggling, and many from a young start. Part 2 continues to shed light on this but with more melodic sounds. Songs like ‘Sincerely’ and ‘Thru The Night’ get personal with some of the darker times in my life, while ‘Bacdoe’ is a more aggressive track. On ‘DTP,’ I switch it up to show a lighter side of my personality, then I end the EP with 2 very West Coast beats of pure rapping and talking shit with ‘Lingo’ and ‘Alley Oop’ featuring the homie Fenix Flexin. This project gives my fans an extended look into my life and my music.”

Alongside the album, MBNel also released his new music video “Sincerely.” In the hopeful song, he speaks to his mother about how rapidly his life has changed. The visual includes intimate home video clips from his childhood in Stockton, glimpses of his life before he found success.