Clams Casino Unveils Album Visualizer

Genre-defining producer and electronic innovator Clams Casino releases his new album Moon Trip Radio. The album includes previously-released single “Rune” and is the artist’s powerful return to form. An immersive, boom bap exploration of a psychedelic world of Volpe’s design, one that can be imagined when gazing up at the cosmos with a willingness to explore.

The unparalleled sonics of Moon Trip Radio transport the listener to a new world of Clams Casino’s design. To help bring this world to life, Clams Casino partnered with graphic designer Patrick Savile for the album’s artwork and packaging, and Czech-American art director Marielle Tepper to create a visualizer for the entire album.

Using special software created by Prague based computational artist Jakub Valtar, the visualizer utilizes a detailed photogrammetry process to create 3D models of bespoke footage, after which Tepper synchronized the imagery with Clams’ soundtrack and added color to the album’s visual accompaniment.

After the vocal-fueled rap of previous album 32 Levels, Moon Trip Radio is a completely instrumental project. Drawing from ambient music, contemporary hip hop, drone and much more, the new album masters a sound that Clams has not only defined over the last decade, but has helped to push forward into new, exciting places.

His career has already been widely revered – Clams is credited with helping to create the Cloud Rap genre, as well as providing the tapestry with which artists such as Mac Miller, Vince Staples, Joji, Kelela, Lil Peep and The Weeknd helped to build their sound while working on remixes for Lana Del Rey, Sia, and many more. He’s also formed a storied creative partnership with A$AP Rocky, with whom he architected the mixtape masterpiece Live Love A$AP, and has continued to work with since the genesis of their respective careers.

Stay tuned for more from Clams Casino coming soon.