Kyson – “Innocence Arrogance” Music Video

Jian Liew, better known as Kyson is a synth-shaman of teleporting sounds. “I try to make music every day – I want to be there when the inspiration comes. So I kept making music,” he says. “There are no borders to what you can do. It’s limitless.”
Lucky for us, this has culminated in a third album, the self-titled Kyson (out January 17, 2020 on B3SCI Records), a sonic memoir that jailbreaks Kyson’s repertoire through a depth of narrative and tactile instrumentation. Where he ensconced his other releases in escapism, this one – by design – hits you in your soul.

The Andreas Lamoth- directed video uses beautifully crafted slow paced graceful images to tell a story of a man struggling to deal with traumatic memories whilst living with his 12 year old daughter and father back at his family home. It takes subtle cues from Kyson’s own story. During the 1960’s his Chinese grandfather, who was a professional swordsman and performer, returned to Malaysia after spending time abroad in Japan. Inspired by the architecture and manner of the Japanese buildings, he built his family a traditional Japanese house in the Malaysian jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur. It’s these kind of inspiring images and stories that fueled Kyson’s interest and desire to discover and understand his heritage which are in turn here reflected in the album and the art and video’s connected to it.

The album and singles artwork come courtesy of German artist BD Graft. The album will be available on 12″ gatefold black vinyl and 12″ double disc with bonus album (black and yellow vinyl discs) with limited edition Kyson and B.D. Graft add-yellow print book.

Tour Dates
**Supporting KLLO

October 28 – Dublin, IR, Workmans Clut**
October 29 – Bristol, UK, Rough Trade**
October 30 – London, UK, Studio 9294**
October 31 – Berlin, DE, Monarch**
November 3 – Ultrecht, NL, TivoliVredenburg **
November 14 – London, Waiting Room
November 21 – Berlin, Badehaus