Nectar Shares Raucously Fun Catfish-Inspired Pop-Punk Anthem “Fishy”

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Champaign, IL-based power-pop/punk band Nectar have released a raucously fun new riff-laden single called “Fishy.” The ripping 90 second track was written at a time when lead singer/guitarist Kamila Glowicki was binge-watching the MTV show Catfish, and opens with a dark, sludgy bassline before blossoming into the kind of sticky sweet riff-laden pop-punk anthem the group has made into its trademark sound. It’s exactly the kind of bait-and-switch viewers of Catfish have come to expect, and for Glowacki, binging the show served as the perfect inspiration for an atypical love song.

“Fishy” follows on the heels of Nectar’s other latest infectious single “Blister” that came out in late January, marking the first new music that the Midwest group has released since their debut album Knocking At The Door through Infinity Cat in 2018. With Nectar, Glowacki has often been drawn to the contrast between upbeat melodies and melancholy lyrics, a tradition “Fishy” proudly carries forward by presenting a narrative wherein feelings toward a new crush are tinged with anxiety and uncertainty. Channeling the likes of Charly Bliss, Ratboys and Colleen Green with its riff-driven velocity and hummable harmonies, “Fishy” was originally released on a split 7” with Jupiter Styles (fka Single Player).