Newcomer Von Releases New Single “Who Is He” Feat. Lamont Holt

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Up and coming Louisiana rapper Von releases a new single called “Who Is He.” The track is produced by Rhythm D, best known for his collaborations with NWA founding member Eazy-E. Von’s sound meshes his southern upbringing with the laid back vibe of Cali hip hop for a fresh, unique take on the genre, blending the old and the new, OG west coast sounds with Trap Hop.

Von on working with Lamont Holt and Rhythm D: “This track had club banger written all over it. This song was actually a surprise, because you never know what you’re going to get when you rolling with The Genie (Rhythm D). Lamont already had his part of the hook and verse before I even knew it was my song. What’s crazy is, while he was recording, I was still writing to the track anyway while the idea was fresh. Then I was told Lamont Holt was my feature. What I had fit so perfectly with what Lamont had – it’s like we complimented each other on the record so well, you’ll think we were shoulder to shoulder writing the lyrics.”

Von plans to release a series of singles this year leading into his debut EP expected Summer 2019.