NOUS III Project of All-Star Experimentalists Shares Lead Track From Final Installment of Album Trilogy

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New York experimental music project NOUS, led by producer and composer Christopher Bono, announces NOUS III, the third installment from the lineup and concepts which comprised the band’s opening trilogy of releases. The first single, “Ninths” is now available.

The ethos of NOUS is to consistently explore the spectrum of improvisational possibilities in music. While the ensemble has explored free jazz, noise, traditional song structures and rhythmic motifs as improvisational fodder, the first single from NOUS III, “Ninths” is a contemplative and atmospheric melodic work that was presented to the musicians as a simple lead sheet that consisted of a series of “Ninth” chords (music theory nomenclature) moving in a parallel fashion. This repetitive progression provides the foundation on which NOUS weaves and layers a dynamic improvisational performance.

A final, very special collaboration between ambient legend Laraaji with this NOUS ensemble will be announced soon for release in 2020.