Rise of Realism Is A Far Out “Mirage”

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Just under a month ago, the symphonic rockers, Rise of Realism, released their new album, Mirage. Founded in Amsterdam, the group released their first record, Greetingz Stranger, in 1998. Unfortunately, that was as far as they ever went. Things got quiet after their first, and at the time only, release. 8-tracks long, Mirage represents the past 20 years of the group’s hard work.

Admittedly, that is a lot of time to cram into only 8 tracks… but they managed to do it. With an emphasis on conceptual heaviness, the album is transcendent, deeply emotional, and takes listeners on a peaceful yet intense (inner) mind-trip.
Their sound is reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, and Nine Inch Nails. Their heavier stuff gets nitty and gritty, while their softer elements can put listeners into a daze-like stupor. You can feel their vibes as individuals and as a group, and if you like emotive long rock sessions then Mirage is right up your alley.

Featured in this article is their entire album courtesy of Youtube. Check them out, and then if you like them you can purchase Mirage on iTunes and Bol.com.