Super Shredders Big Eyes Return With First Single “Lucky You” Off Upcoming Album

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If you needed any more reason to pop open a bottle of champagne and raid your local thrift store, Big Eyes show shameless approval in their new music video, “Lucky You”. With a late 2000’s cinematic glow, Big Eyes perfectly exemplify the grandeur of luxurious parties and the coveted rockstar lifestyle.

At the center of it all, a driving snare and dual guitars break through the façade of wealth with lyrics exposing the truth of privilege and assumed entitlement. Rather than criticizing the monetary advantages of the upper class, Big Eyes reminds, “everyone to recognize their privilege, be grateful for what you have, and stand up for those who aren’t quite as lucky.” The track is taken from their much anticipated album, Streets of the Lost (pre-order here), out April 5th via NYC’s Greenway Records on Deluxe Silver Vinyl LP & CD.