The Bellfuries’ New Record Is Contemporary Rock-N-Roll That’s The Cat’s Pajamas


Throughout time, rock-n-roll icons like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Beach Boys have created explosive tunes that shaped and intertwined styles of country, swing and blues music with catchy vocal twangs. Today, with the abundance of determined creative talents, you need a perfect balance of soul and originality to follow in the footsteps of some of the most unique artists in music history. For The Bellfuries, a southern-based quartet from Austin, Texas, they’re steadily moving in the right direction with refreshing iterations of their previous sound.

Started by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Joey Simeone in 1998, the band already has two highly acclaimed albums under their belt. Now, on the latest release Workingman’s Bellfuries from Hi-Style Records, they elevate their rockabilly sound with fresh hints of early country and 80’s pop woven throughout the eleven tracks. Their first song and single “Loving Arms” is foot-stomping rockabilly-pop that showcases drummer Chris Sensat’s talent. “Bad Seed Sown” brings a little street-corner jive while “Make the Mystery No More” is Phil Spector 2.0 with some Everly-esque harmony sitting at the top. And, the shimmering track “Why Do You Haunt Me” not only solidifies Simeone as a vivid songwriter, it’s a powerful, operatic approach to their soulful rock-n-roll background.

Set to be released August 21st, the album can be preordered here and add some delightful groove to your music collection. And, this summer, don’t miss a chance to catch them perform live. Tour dates below.

Jul 03: Spikes – Rosemead, CA
Jul 04: Til-Two Club – San Diego, CA
Jul 05: Boondocks – Corona, CA
Jul 08: Cock Grease HQ – Sacramento, CA
Jul 10: Adrift – Long Beach, WA
Jul 11: Adrift – Long Beach, WA
Jul 17: Goosetown Tavern – Denver, CO
Jul 18: Johnny’s Navajo Hogan – Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 25: Liberty Bell Bar – Nacogdoches, TX
Jul 27: Sam’s Burger Joint – San Antonio, TX
Aug 04: C-Boy’s – Austin, TX
Aug 07: D&W Lounge – Houston, TX
Aug 11: C-Boy’s – Austin, TX
Aug 14: Evangeline Café – Austin, TX
Aug 18: C-Boy’s – Austin, TX
Aug 22: CD Release, Continental Club – Austin, TX
Aug 25: C-Boy’s – Austin, TX
Sep 24: Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
Sep 25: New England Shake Up! – Sturbridge, MA
Sep 26: Milk Boy – Philadelphia, PA


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