THE WLDLFE Make Noise on “The Other Side”

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Independent alt-pop band THE WLDLFE release the new single “The Other Side”; their first new music since the debut full-length album I’m Not Worried Anymore which came out at the end of last summer. “The Other Side” was mixed by Mike Malchicoff, who has produced for King Princess, and lyrically the track takes a look at managing expectations versus reality in the creative industry.

“Everyone chases after things because of their superficial value but realize after the fact that what they were after was not all it seemed to be,” shares lead vocalist Jansen Hogan. “I wanted to write a song that embodied that idea because as an artist my self doubts can be a daily struggle. The lightness of the verses represent the initial naiveté of chasing an obsession, while the chorus and hook create a sense of regret from the realization that the chase cost me more than I was willing to give up.”

“The Other Side” comes on the heels of a big year for THE WLDLFE, who opened for Halsey in their hometown of Indianapolis and participated in the Music Cities Forum, as part of a campaign to put the city on the map as a primary music source. As a group of young adults, the band has mastered the ability to perfectly capture the contemplative, emotional fluctuations that come with growing up.

APR 16 TUE – Top Cats – Cincinnati, OH
APR 17 WED – The Auricle – Canton, OH
APR 18 THU – Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
APR 19 FRI – Fubar – St. Louis, MO
APR 20 SAT – KIO House – Memphis, TN
APR 22 MON – The End – Nashville, TN