Watch Gaidaa On Newly Launched Red Bull Series Check Your DMs

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Netherlands-based Sudanese singer, songwriter, and artist Gaidaa will appear on Red Bull’s brand new YouTube series, Red Bull Check Your DMs, May 22.

The show centers around three artists who have never met. They each come from three different countries with three different musical backgrounds, and they join forces to work together on a brand new track—entirely online. The series shows that despite the distance between them, all you need to make great music is talent, inspiration, and good WiFi!

Gaidaa joins DJ Q (UK), and tofubeats (Japan) on the inaugural episode of the series, which airs on the Red Bull Music YouTube Channel.

The first episode features the track “All In“ that will launch on the today at 9AM CET on Red Bull Music YouTube and Red Bull TV.

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Stay tuned for more new music soon.