Yumi Zouma Share Dance Worthy "Crush (It's Late, Just Stay)"

Following the release of back-to-back full-length albums (Yoncalla in 2016, Willowbank in 2017), Yumi Zouma revisit their roots with EP III, completing the trilogy they began in 2014. The resulting collection finds the international act stronger than ever, sculpting effortless atmospheres, winsome hooks and stadium-ready finishes. For this third and final installment of the series, the Yumis bookend an era of intimate short-form 10″s. The vinyl will be available from Cascine on November 16, 2018. EP III is out on digital-formats September 28, 2018.

Josh Burgess from the band tells us “This song began life as an experiment recording with a fellow Kiwi (Liam Finn) at his studio in 2015. The studio was aptly named The End as it was situated at the very end of Greenpoint Avenue overlooking Transmitter Park which was arguably one of the best views of Manhattan at the time. The End hosted a few different studios, including Jacob Portrait’s (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Blouse) who mixed ‘In Camera’ as well as rehearsal spaces (I once walked in on The Congo’s rehearsing!). We smoked on the roof and had a bash at making a song together, which is what we sampled in the verses of ‘Crush’. The working title was ‘First Class Lounge’ because it sounded like some kind of musak that would be playing as background before rich people boarded a Concord.

Unfortunately, The End had a sad finale courtesy of a fire that ripped through the building. Thankfully no one was hurt, but a lot of the gear was wrecked. My girlfriend lives a couple blocks away and over morning coffees we’ll often stroll through Transmitter looking up at the shell of the studio. Like most things in New York it’s relegated to a memory now, but a lot of great music came out of that building!”