NBC Teams Up with 60out Escape Rooms on Celebrity Escape Room for Red Nose Day Special

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Tune in tomorrow, May 21 at 8/7c on NBC and watch Hollywood megastar Ben Stiller bring the phenomenon of escape rooms to television in a spectacularly over-the-top style with Celebrity Escape Room for this year’s Red Nose Day Special. The A-list cast includes Jack Black as Game Master and Ben Stiller, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Adam Scott as game-play members who attempt to escape within 60 minutes, all while earning much-needed funds for Red Nose Day.

60out Escape Rooms, an award-winning Los Angeles-based escape room company, partnered with NBC to create the puzzles and set design for the much anticipated upcoming special. This marks the first time NBC and 60out have teamed up to bring an escape room to television. Today, 60out has 27 rooms in seven locations throughout Los Angeles and has been ranked as the city’s most popular escape room company with the best set design. The teams worked hand-in-glove to ensure both players and audience members have the most authentic and exciting experience.

The successful collaboration enables players to take a trip down memory lane with a colorful 1980s high school-themed escape room. As the players complete each of the rooms, they raise funds for Red Nose Day. When stumped the team may only ask the Game Master for three clues to help them escape their complete isolation from the outside world.

In addition to being players, Ben Stiller and Jack are executive producers along with Lee Metzger, Amirra Ruotola, Christine Taylor, and Nicolas Weinstock. The show is produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio, Red Hour Productions, and Electric Dynamite.