The New Planet Classroom Network Podcast Features Award-Winning Creators Exploring Important Global Themes

Stories that change our lives often share universal wisdom.

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Stories that change our lives often share universal wisdom. They help us to understand other people and their perspectives. They connect us to a better understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

In the new episode of Planet Classroom, Orb the show’s virtual host, introduces stories from around the world including India, Australia, Kyrgyzstan and the United States.

The creators of Stephen Hawking and Me, 106 Days, The Letter, What Happened to Dujuan Armstrong?, and Winner of Peace explore themes of global leadership, migration, multiculturalism and racial bias with the voices of youth.

“Be it something physical or ideological or whatever, we all encounter people throughout our lives who are different from us. And a rejection of those differences – or worse, a condemnation – simply breeds misunderstanding and apprehension and hostility,” says Christopher Carpenter, Director of Stephen Hawking and Me.

“Through traveling, I learned that being open-minded was one of the biggest blessings ever,” notes Director of 106 Days Claire Imler. “By allowing yourself to dive deeper into new cultures and traditions, hear different perspectives, and experience more types of lifestyles, you will learn so much about the real world outside of your comfort bubble.”

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