A Glimpse into Mythgard

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Mythgard is where the mortals and myths fight with or against each other. The world of man has taken over while the old gods have vanished. The cities are modern but deadly battles run through the streets with all sorts of creatures. They all strive to show their strength and dominance against each other. To show your strength you must choose wisely on how you place your cards and find a path to strike the enemy directly. One slip up can lead to a deadly mistake of falling behind or losing the battle completely.

The story mode for Mythgard, you follow Percy a young woman that’s on a quest to see what has happened to her mother. She fights against anyone who stands against her way learning little by little what has happened to the world in her absences. Percy won’t be the only person that you will be playing in the game as it will give you a taste of each faction’s card power. It looks like they have plans for the story to go on for a while as I was playing I noticed that this section was labeled chapter 1. Don’t worry about reading the story as they have voice acting. So you can listen to the interesting story they have going while admiring the work that went into drawing each panel.

If you don’t want to just focus on the story there are options for you to do other battles. Each level you receive you unlock new ways to battle other players. Like they give you the chance to have a 2v2 type of battle or play casual mode of 1v1 if the player isn’t in the mode to beat it for the whole day as hours will go by even if you are playing it casually.

It seems very good for new comers to try their hand at a strategy card game. The story mode helps you get an understanding of their gameplay works and allows the player to make all the decisions after that. It isn’t always the same hand of cards if you lose, so if you had a bad hand the first time, the next round would be different types of cards along with your opponent’s hand will change.

The art of the game is absolutely beautiful. You can see that a lot of time and passion went into the art design. All the cards are made with great care where you can still see the image when placing it on the field. The loading screen shows of the art so you can stay are something very detailed in your short wait. The beasts that you see are skin shivering creepy depending on what you are up against or have in your deck.

The game runs smoothly, keeping in sync with when you put your card down or showing off that you burned a card. If a player places down a field it keeps going without any hiccups. When a player puts an input on how their minion will attack it isn’t long before it will attack after the selection.

The game hasn’t been released yet, but if you are into strategy games, like card games, or wanting to try out a strategy card game, certainly keep an eye on this to be able to play it. The magical science it has going is certain to give you some fun. Keep your eyes on steam, you never know when an update may appear.

To keep track of the game check their website https://www.mythgardgame.com/.