A Thrilling Shred of light on Draugen’s Mystery

Put on your best detective hat, we are off to search for a missing sister! The year is 1923 in Draugen that tells a tale about Edward Charles Harden who has spent his life in self-imposed isolation. He never leaves his home as he focuses on his studies buried his nose in books and letters. The only contact he has to the living world outside his study is his sister Betty and Edward’s young ward, Lissie.

Months have passed and he hasn’t heard a word from Betty since her last letter, forcing him to leave his manor with Lissie and find out what has happened to her. The trail is fading, find the clues to solve the mystery that is left behind in the misty fjords of a rural Norway. Though you should know that you must be careful, as you may not seeing what you think you are seeing.

Draugen developed by Red Thread Games is a first-person exploration game, where secrets and lies hidden within the breathtaking scenery of this rural Norway landscape. The players will play as Edward Harden searching every cabin, house, and fog covered land to find his sister. The game has been described as a ‘Fjord Noir’ tale of mystery and suspense with more than the surface problem of a missing sister. It is also a story about unusual friendships, a forsaken community, a family destroyed by secrets, and a man that is scarred by his own past.
Remember you are not alone. Lissie is with you to find Edward’s sister. She is an interactive character that players can talk to through realistic, dynamic dialogue system and context-sensitive interface.

As the game progresses the conditions of the environment will change due to Edward’s worsening mental state. Be careful where you walk as the shadow you thought was a person could be just all in your head. There isn’t much time to make sure what you see is true as you must find all the clues that will leave twists and turns to reveal the mystery. To find the mystery you must dig deeper beyond the surface of what you have been told. Have your gear to solve this mystery as Draugen is coming on May 2019 to Windows on Steam and GOG.

Draugen will be fully voiced acted in English with motion-captured characters with an original musical score from award-winning composer Simon Poole. The design and development of the game is the same team behind Dreamfall Chapters. The plot of the story has been written by Ragnar Tornquist who has done The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, The Secret World, and Dreamfall Chapters.

If you want to keep track of Draugen’s process check out their website, https://www.draugen.com/, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Draugengame/, Twitter: https://twitter.com/draugengame, Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/770390/Draugen/, and GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/draugen