‘American Fugitive’ Speeding in this May


What are you doing here? You got to move! The cops are onto your actions and you have to move. I suggest taking the bulldozer to make a nice run through the buildings to get to a better car, after all American Fugitive is a sandbox experience. Fugitive, thief, mechanic or a corrupt cop, doesn’t matter because this 3D world around you is your destructive opportunity. Shot at everyone that is in your sight and take off with whatever vehicle you can jump into because revenge is the end goal here.

Set in the 1980s in Redrock County, you play as Will Riley who is on the run because he has been framed for his father’s murder. Nothing is holding Riley back to find the real murderers and getting revenge. In the world outside of bars, it is best to blend in with the crowds so you can avoid being recaptured. Though it can’t always be helped as someone may notice who is actually walking around. Figure out the mystery behind the death of Riley’s father and all the twist that the law-breakers and law-enforcers have planned.

If you want to keep up being a felon while you are out, you able to do that by robbing houses or stealing cars. Make sure that you are well armed to take out what you need to. You won’t only need to be armed but some wheels would do some good to find the people that you need to do. It even has time trial challenges and stunt jumps that is scattered throughout the world. Not only is that, it is possible to take jobs from the criminal underworld. Along with uncovering hidden stashes, sticking up stores, or fencing you can forge fine art while you remain a vigilante to the town.

This stunning too-down slice of rural USA will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Pc on May 21, Switch on May 23, and Xbox One on May 24. To learn a bit more check out Steam.


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