Baloji – ZOMBIES Short film

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The film “Zombie” is a journey between hope and dystopia in a hallucinated Kinhsasa, from the culture of the hair salon to futuristic solitary clubbing, from the urban parade to the glory of a dictator in campaign (Papa Bollo) to modern western in the Takeshi Kitano style. In parallel, the film is based on the almost carnal relationship we have with our phones. The device becoming like an outgrowth of the hand and giving us the talent of digital ubiquity…

written, directed and produced by baloji with Popaul Amisi & Gaëlle KIBIKONDA / DOP : Joachim Philippe / art director : Baloji with Kongo Astraunaut & Guarino Suarez Piedra / Costume Baloji / sound : Cedric Mbomgo / Edited : Bruno Tracq / script : Baloji Production : Baloji BBL production, 2 for the show production and Pieter van Huystee PVH.