Fade to Silence Froze their Release Date

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We were all hoping for some warmth but winter is here permanently. Fade to Silence is a survival-RPG set in a cold and deadly world of a post-apocalyptic winter. Survival is hard to near impossible, but that doesn’t stop our main protagonist, Ash, from trying to build a shelter for not only himself but his daughter, Alice, and everyone else who is trying to survive.

Supplies are few and the task to upgrade equipment and collecting materials are always a constant expedition request to get the necessary materials. The land of winter is vast leaving some hope that the items they need are out there. Travel isn’t the problem as there will be some wolf sled expeditions offered. Though the harsh winter and an approaching blizzard is a concern, it isn’t the only concern that made surviving difficult. Grotesque monsters are wandering around this winter wasteland. Figuring out what caused these eldritch beasts to take control of the land lies with the puzzling story. Depending on the player they can take as long as they want to continue the story. Just remember to keep up supplies. Long as Ash is able to keep everyone one together there is a chance of survival for each person has important skills needed to get by another day. Listen to the complaints that Alice hears, it will help the team stick together.

You can’t trust what you hear, the voice telling you to cause trouble is your enemy. Don’t let it discourage you if what you are doing is keeping everyone alive and safe. Defy the Inner Voice.

Prepare for the winter as the game is set to release on April 30th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It pre-order the game you can go to http://n.thq.com/YAdo30o2Egk, Amazon US: http://n.thq.com/vo9930or3LE, Amazon EU: http://n.thq.com/85Y130orEF6.

To see the shivering creatures and characters you will meet check their website http://fadetosilence.com/.