‘Fallback’ Story Trailer

Battle to Return to Earth’s Surface and Save Humanity

Guide your jet-pack equipped heroes through a dangerous underground complex, battling sinister robot guardians as you fight to return to the Earth’s surface. Players will navigate a procedurally generated Escher-esque perspective-shifting world where the camera creates a unique 2.5-dimensional feel and visual style. With more than 50 unlockable skills, would-be- warriors of Humanity will be able to create their own unique characters and battle the metal minions who aim to keep them underground and oppressed.

Players take control of the remnants of humanity, exiled to a subterranean city as they search for captured (and playable) rebel leaders ready to join the fight against their former caretakers-turned-jailers. As futuristic freedom fighters, players have access to a robust skill tree and a vast array of powerups that provide them with the power to master their jetpack and sword fighting skills. Survive attacks by the relentless Vesta Robots while also avoiding deadly traps that are doing their best to ensure players never leave their metallic tomb! “Procedurally generated” takes on a whole new meaning with multi-plane modular rooms in randomized combinations. Each run will be fresh but familiar, allowing players to grow their knowledge of the game’s world but also force them to stay on their toes and keep skills sharp.

Key Features:

• Not 2D, not 3D — it’s 2.5D: A unique take on the traditional platformer, an Escher-inspired camera system allows players to shift perspectives, opening up new paths and hidden secrets!

• The Whole is Greater than the Sum of (a lot) of Parts: Players can combine more than 50 different skills and abilities to create the ultimate mech murdering man-at-arms. A deep and persistent skill tree gives players the incentive to die and come back stronger — along with limited, per-run upgrades to allow for near-limitless customization and character builds.

• Man vs. Machine Mayhem: Using their trusted Vesta™ brand sword and handy jetpack, rebel soldiers can leap, dodge, boost, blast, hack, slash, and generally make life miserable for their electronic enemies. Fast, fluid, and relentlessly challenging combat will keep players alert and ready to fight as they dismantle and destroy their artificial oppressors.

Independent game studio ENDROAD — founded by former Ubisoft and Amplitude Studios veterans — is pleased to announce that Fallback — their 2.5D rogue-like action platformer launches tomorrow, October 11th, on Steam for Windows PC.