Final Fantasy Type-0 Arriving In March

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Final Fantasy Type-0 released in Japan for the PSP in 2011. Now, it’s back in HD and is arriving in the USA for gamers to play– only this time it is hitting the big consoles. Like the other Final Fantasy games, it is being published by Square Enix and is a classic JRPG; however, it will handle more similarly to the Final Fantasy VII prequel, Crisis Core, where the player took direct control of the protagonist, Zack Fair, and went on missions as well as large-scale battles.

Besides an improvement on the graphics, the HD version is pretty much the same as the PSP version. That being said, there is no longer a multiplayer function. Instead, there are new difficulty levels for players to pick from.

The story focuses on a group of students attending a magical academy known as the Vermillion Peristylium. There, these twelve students have banded together to form a group called Class Zero. The kids are free to learn in peace until one day where an evil empire, the Militesi Empire, attacks the Orience the school is located in, Rubrum. Class Zero rises to defend its school and its Orience, but finds the secret behind this war could devastate everything they have ever known.

Inspired by tragic documentaries, this subseries is darker than any Final Fantasy— and was intended as such. The Final Fantasy franchise has an even larger part to play than just inspiration though, as Type-0’s mythos is shared with the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, including Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV. In fact, the game was first announced with the name Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

Final Fantasy Type-0 releases March 17th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.