Ghost Parade is Floating in this Fall

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The spirits are calling, they need help. Are you willing to answer it? For Ghost Parade, you will be playing a young girl named Suri who gets lost in a mysterious forest on her way home from school. The forest is being cut down by humans for profit and it needs you to help save it along with the many myriad supernatural inhabitants. Now it is time to stop the man from their destructive ways with Suri’s newfound ghostly allies.

It is certainly dangerous to go alone on this adventure that you will go against giant beetles, man-eating plants, and many other enemies that haven’t been revealed yet. Thankfully you won’t be fully alone as there are 30 available ghost companions that you can select from. You can even interact with 70 and more helpful spirits over the course of your adventure.

Come check out this world, based on Indonesian mythology and folklore, with beautiful and thoughtful art. They have made their original character designs, offering visuals that are complex and dynamic as the story that will reveal itself through each stage.

Ghost Parade is planning to be released in fall 2019 on Steam and on PlayStation 4 and the Switch. If you want to pre-order the game you can float in on