Google’s Recommended Game of the Month – ‘Evil Hunter Tycoon’

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The simulation RPG Evil Hunter Tycoon for iOS and Android, published by Super Planet and developed by Retroarts, has been selected by the editors of the Google Play Store in several regions such as North America, South America and Europe as one of their recommended games for the month of May. It can now be found under the “May’s highlights” and “Simulation” categories.

The unique pixel art, the harmony of the Simulation and RPG genres, the language support and localization in 13 countries and the diversified but steady marketing coupled with a great customer service have been received with explosive feedback from the global users.

Unique Pixel Art
Evil Hunter Tycoon is an impressive game with a pixel design reminiscent of the retro games in the past. Everything from the hunters and the objects to the story setting has a peculiar emotion that can only be felt in Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Hunter Training
Evil Hunter Tycoon would not be the same without its Hunter Training. With four different jobs offered to the hunters, you can train them to become stronger in a variety of ways, including reincarnation, equipment, skill and character enhancement.

Diverse Contents
The diversity in contents such as Boss Hunting, Dungeon Raids, Colosseum and collecting Elementals is another attractive point.

Continuous Updates
Another positive point about Evil Hunter Tycoon would be its continuous updates. Through continuous customer service and bug fixes, we are able to create a positive gameplay environment. New content has been introduced through the latest update called “The Darkness’ Front Yard’ which has “Counterattack” as its main theme.

With the Hunters going to the Dark Lord’s Castle through a portal to fight for the future of Humanity as the main story, new hunting grounds, monsters and a rune system will heighten the users’ expectations.

Currently, in celebration of the new Evil Hunter Tycoon update, new items are being gifted through coupons events, limited-time attendance events.

Evil Hunter Tycoon for iOS & Android can be downloaded here.