‘Isle of Spirits’ Unveils Launch Trailer

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Isle of spirits is a chill and casual survival game taking place on a mysterious desert isle. Build your home, survive, and fight against microclimates or supernatural phenomenons. The isle will be your home and your enemy: it offers all resources to live, but it is also full of terrible dangers.

What makes Isle of Spirits special:

  • Explore and observe your new environment. Time is all you have left anyway.
  • Think and learn by yourself about the different ways you can organize your survival.
  • Avoid the natural disasters and protect yourself from strange fogs that roam the island. Death lurks and is relentless on the Isle of Spirits.
  • Organize your days, find resources, cultivate and cook, craft objects and tools, and build a shelter you may call Home.
  • Find a way to escape from this deserted island (is it?) and return to civilization.
    “The game plays out like a mash-up between Minecraft and Don’t Stave […] but requires players to be a lot more on their toes than with games of the same ilk” – ScouseGamer

Isle of Spirits, the casual castaway survival game from Silver Bullet Games, unveils a launch trailer to celebrate its release on Steam and Xbox One next Wednesday: June 10th