Meet Kate O’Hara in New ‘Desperados III’

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She’s got the look and she’s absolutely hitting like a hammer: Kate O’Hara grew up as a Colorado farm girl, dreaming of fame and glamour on the stage in the big city. But she had to learn to get along in the rough wild west, where most men are not natural gentlemen and very often only understand the clear message of a joyfully kick in their … well, crown jewels. This way, Kate can knock down enemies when she gets close enough – and she’s got many ways to get in melee range. Naturally, she loves to disguise herself with different outfits and of course uses her overwhelming charm to distract opponents. And if these clever tricks fail, she relies on a girl’s best friend: Her Derringer

Free Demo available!

Play the free Desperados III Demo now and visit Wild West Colorado and Mexico! In good old Mimimi Games tradition, we proudly offers this demonstration of confidence to you. You can play two missions from the beginning of the game: First, you learn the ropes as young Cooper on a bounty hunting mission with his father.

Then, you’ll unleash grown up Cooper’s full skillset on a large force of bandits and join forces with legendary Doc McCoy to stop a full blown train robbery. We even offer a short glimpse on the third mission, where giant trapper Hector joins the group in a Western town full of Thugs.

Expected Playtime is approximately 90 – 120 minutes (Although the second Mission might be tempting for a speedrun, show us your mission end screen!)

Shoot it into your calendars, Desperados III will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 16th, 2020. Pre-orders available now.