Noctis, Star of Final Fantasy XV, Coming as DLC for ‘Tekken 7’ Next Spring

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Tekken 7 is adding everyone’s favorite moody, magical prince to its roster next Spring. Noctis, star of Final Fantasy XV, will be available as a DLC character, it was announced at the Tekken World Tour Finals.

In the following trailer, Noctis is seen battling in a new arena, modeled after the Hammerhead Garage, one of the first stops players make in Final Fantasy XV. He comes fully equipped with his signature teleportation attacks and Engine Blade.

Square Enix has been happy to loan out its fan-favorite characters to other franchises in the past, notably Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud, who was added to the Super Smash Bros. 4 roster nearly two years ago.

Surprise DLC characters seem to be a bit of a trend lately, with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles recently being announced for Injustice 2. Who will be next?