‘Spirit Oath’ is Coming to Early Access!

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Spirit Oath, the intense new real-time strategy game from indie studio Triangle Square, is set to cast a spell on Steam Early Access on June 2nd, 2020 at a discounted price of $10 (regularly priced at $15.) Featuring rogue-lite elements inspired by tabletop games, Spirit Oath is a fast-paced action-adventure that will push your concentration skills to the limit.

Play as a forest Guardian Spirit, returning to conscious and facing dark foes. Use Rune Tiles to rebuild the land and create patterns to summon Spirit Warriors to help you save your siblings and cleanse the forest of the dark forces which struck roots in it.

Spirit Oath intertwines board games elements with RTS elements wrapped in a neat, clean art style, resulting in an engaging fast paced game with unique gameplay.

Rebuild the world tile by tile and create patterns to summon units to your command, as masses of enemies attack your core. Cast spells to assist your troops in battle, and don’t stop until total annihilation of the enemy.

Here’s what to look forward to in the first Early Access version of Spirit Oath:

  • Play as the mystic forest guardian Darom, captured by dark and evil forces and imprisoned in an ancient and mysterious totem
  • Trapped and defenseless, your only hope is to use forbidden magic to summon pure spirits who can protect Darom and her brethren, and defeat the enemies
  • Save Darom’s homeland Elderwood and its inhabitants by playing in story mode, or take on the challenge of randomly generated skirmish levels to help build your skills
  • Create patterns with rune tiles to summon and command spirit warriors to defend and protect your lands
  • Use strategy and quick thinking to annihilate enemies and protect the inhabitants of Elderwood
  • Carefully rebuild the world tile-by-tile and restore peace in the Elderwood Forests