Spitting at Puzzles with Spitlings

Here is a new challenge, try to solve puzzles but without hands or feet. Just this square mass that can spit to propel itself and destroy blobs. That is one of the challenges you face in a game called, Spitlings. This game was developed by Massie Miniteam and HandyGames to not only spit your way through but to also blame your friends for your failure on the puzzles. This multicolored panic attack game is a modern take on hardcore classics. With the challenge not only being in simple single player mode but allowing your friends to join in as it allows up to four players to join you in your struggles. Since this game isn’t that forgiving for if one person dies by a spike you all have to start over. Best way to bond with friends is fighting over who just messed up the puzzle. Here is the link to the official trailer to get a peak of the problems you have to solve, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6MkkIYZAjA.

“We’re extremely excited about this opportunity! For our first game, we couldn’t have wished for a better publisher than HandyGames. They are nothing but supportive and have the experience to make sure that Splitlings reaches the audience it deserves. We got a true co-op partner in them!” Milan Pingel, Founder & Producer at Massive Miniteam.

The developers seem to have fun with their co-op partner so why not have some fun with your own partner with this game? Tested the mind with controlling a Spitling, a squishy colored square that will have eyes, teeth or one of the two, with many unique challenges along its journey in Story Mode and contemplate over concurring 100 levels in Arcade Mode. Have the fun bonding experience of playing a game together while being furious about their abilities in the same game. Since you must remember everyone must live if they want to go on to the next level. For everyone will win or lose together, no exceptions.

If you have your own puzzles in mind that you want to create the game will let you make your own levels. The game has its own unique four-player co-op editor letting you and your friends make a level together. It is a simple editor that allows you to work within minutes without existing experience to make a working level. Now you have the opportunity to watch your friends groan in frustration at the brain stumped puzzle you created, or make a goofy puzzle with your friends that looks like a funny face in the distances. Spitling is currently under development with a release schedule for later this year. Miniteam and HandyGames are planning to launch the games on PC, Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One family of devices, and Xbox One X.