TERA’s ‘Skywatch: Aerial Island’ Update Launches October 15th

The upcoming ‘Skywatch: Aerial Island’ update for TERA, their flagship True Action Combat MMORPG on PC,
closes out the ‘Skywatch’ series of updates for the game bringing a new landmass for players to explore and new systems that enable players to enhance and customize their characters.

The newly introduced Card Collection system gives players another way to empower their characters and customize their statistics to fit their preferred play style and role. With an introductory quest available to characters level 11 or higher, players of all levels can benefit from their collection across all characters on the server.

Players can earn card fragments while engaging in their usual activities including completing dungeons, killing Big-Ass Monsters (BAMs), and playing PvP modes, combining 20 card fragments together to unlock a full card for their collection. Each individual card will grant passive stat boosts for the character, with certain card combinations unlocking more powerful buffs!

To learn more about the new Card Collection system, En Masse has created a walkthrough video to help familiarize players with the new feature:

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