Top 5 Free Steam Games Released This Year

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Many games come out each day that you could spend a whole lifetime and ever be able to finish it. It can be even expensive to try and get a bunch of games that you are not completely sure you will be enjoying them. Then there is the list of all the free games that Steam provides. It is fantastic but the problem is how much you have to search through to find something that is a list here is to show you some of the games that have recently come out that is free to play. They have been placed with the number of players that they have accumulated when they have been released.

Blush Blush

Do you like animals and hot anime guys? This game combines the two with making the hot guys! The plot of the story is that you accidentally turned every hot guy into an animal, and it is up to you to turn them back to humans. The only to turn then back to humans is to have them fall in love with you. It is a very bright game showing off unique art style as they show the change from animal to human. It will keep you active with making sure that you have a lot of money, skills and going on dates to reach the next level. Right now it is early access, but there are still enough things for you to do in the game right now. These are the creators of Crush Crush, so if you liked that game, then this one will certainly entice you as well. This game has little voice acting that is enough to catch your when it pops up, but it merely just grunt noise. Better hurry over, those men are waiting for you to break the curse.

What Never Was

This game is about a granddaughter, Sarah, finding out the secrets that her grandfather has left behind. Clues have been scattered throughout the area for you to solve them. Images of creatures told to be fiction and stories of grand adventures scatter the attic’s floor. Help Sarah find the secrets that her grandfather left behind. You can tell a great amount of care has gone into creating this game by looking and listening to it. The graphics are very realistic to the creator’s ability. The music helps set the mood that they want you to feel at that moment. If you want something sweet and wholesome, certainly put this in your steam library.

Auf Abwegen

This is a story of a fox and how they survive in their life. It is a platformer type of game where you must gather food to feed your mate. There are many things that can be in the way from holes, porcupines, and anything else you would see in the wild. Though there is more to the story than just a fox living its life. The graphics for the game are second dimensional. It is really beautifully made with the animation seeming to flow well as you have the red fox walk across the ground. It is a short game with small platform puzzles that you will have to deal with to capture your pray.

Session Seven

Hunt down to get the truth about what happened to you and your family. The two scenes you will be facing is the one that you are trapped in the basement of your house, and the other you are talking to your counselor retelling the events of that awful day you were trapped without know why or what is going on. It is a point-and-click type of game with your choices affecting the plot of the story. It certainly shows the wacky belief of trying to solve the problem with a weird solution. The graphics are pixelated relating to the times that was all the engine could show at the time. Bringing back challenges that come with looking at the right pixel to get the puzzle complete.

Magic Mouse

It is time for the uprising of mice! They shall rule the dungeon area as the one you control will be a wizard. It is a very interesting game to play the graphics are okay. The polygon shape graphics does its best to show the powers of this grand wizard mouse you play. You will have to solve problems shooting different magic that you have learned throughout each dungeon. Watch how much you use for before you know it, the fireball is run out. To control your magic you will be using the mouse to draw out your path.